Web-based softwares – Types & Benefits


Web Based Software is the new technology nowadays. Web-based software is also known as the web based applications. It is the software that’s run on the server. In this Web Based Software user are connected their own computer with the help of internet.  Mostly people use the various software as per their requirements. There are many web bases software that you can use regularly such as yahoo mail, twitter, Facebook, hotline, Gmail etc these all are popular and widely used web-based software. You can download any software through internet


Basically, there are two types of web-based software first is hosted software and second is downloaded software.

Hosted software

Hosted software is the first important type of web-based software. This software is made on the client’s demand or requirement. These services are available as both free and paid.  If anyone wants to use this service, firstly you have to register online.

Downloaded software

Another option is downloading. You can easily install or download software on your own server. This is the very cost effective procedure.


Use the latest version

If you want to require any software then you can download and install yourself. Whenever you use the web-based software you’re always using the latest version with the help of the web. You can use various latest versions and get the more information about the latest web-based software.

Save money and easy maintain

Money plays an important role in any work. The web-based software requires no capital investment to buy any kind of software and you do not need to buy any kind of CD and programs that are why web-based software is more popular in the market.

Web-based software improves communication and coordination

Web-based software is very helpful to improve then communication and coordinate with another persons or clients. It can provide the huge chance to work with in any location at any time as well and provide the great opportunity to earn more money at very less time. So overall web-based software in India plays an important role in the technology world.


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Latest Hot Web Design & Development Trends


As the technology has totally changed the human’s life with easier existence, in the same way, the improvements in website design and development has been moved the website from overloaded information to the aesthetic area that is concerned with simplicity and is user-friendly.

Now the web pages are full of high definition photographs and typography that reveals the further content to the reader in a beautiful way.

Now the design is greatly influenced by the demand for simplicity and to fulfill the requirement of mobile traffic.

Here are some latest design trends that have boosted the web technology:

  • Minimalism

According to this trend, the websites are more focused on actual content rather than creating a clutter in all sides. The use simplified logos and typefaces have been there in order to clean up the entire page. The well-reputed companies focus on one dominant color on the website.

  • App-like menus

The mobile market has put a great impact on websites. Rather than making use of sticky menu bars, the menus are put at the top of the screen and mostly are hidden in an icon. This will allow the good organization of content and users will able to read the content which they want to see.

  • Ghost buttons

Rather than using that old loud, flashy and transparent button ghost buttons has greatly helped in highlighting the content. These buttons are consists of just a word and an outline around it. There really provides the best interface of menus that will definitely force users to click.

  • The reign of the hero Image

This trend involves using an HD hero picture in few remarkable ways. The effects like blurring the background or the use of different colors can be given.

  • Interesting typography

After gaining the attention towards the hero image of the website, developers started creating more attractive typography. When the content of the entire page has been reduced to minimalism then typography is the powerful statement on the websites.

  • Stock photos that are not stock photos in actual

The trend of stock photos is over and jaw-dropping visuals are there. With the communities like 500px etc. photography is much easier now. Due to this, websites will not contain any un-coordinated photos stock rather it will look genuine.

  • Single page design

Now no one wants to click on different pages. Everyone likes to scroll down on one page. This trend has boosted in mobile technology with which users find it easy to scroll with their thumb on their mobiles.

  • Modular design

It is also called as the grid, tiles or cards. It greatly helps in organizing the content in a very efficient way. In comparison to single column content, this is much more user-friendly. This is also the best way to show more content to users.

  • The evolution of flat design

Google has released its own flat design that is called as material design. This mainly focuses on simplicity and clean presentation to the users.

  • Line icons

Rather than using the icons that look similar to objects, there has been the use of line shapes icons that conveys the action in a very clear way.

  • Google Maps integration

Google maps are the best option to give map service on websites. Companies are indulged in adding maps to their websites to make easier to the users for providing contact details.

  • Vertical split layouts

With vertical split layouts, designers can present their content twice to the users at the same time in a clear format. This goes like popping up all over the web page.

With well-reputed website Development Company in India, you can get the best website to boost your business.

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Importance Of Website For Your Business

Today we are going to discuss about how much positive impact having a website has on your business. Here are some :

1. Reach More Users Through Internet presence at a lesser cost than usual marketing methods.

2. With A neat and clean website that is providing enough information about what you are offering to users, you can gain a greater exposure to global viewers.

3. Worldwide exposure leads you to gather a variety of customers that you can research on and have them review your product or service and learn what you can change in.

4. Without carrying more expenses you can promote your business through your website using SEO.

That’s all from us, subscribe us for more.

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Some Application Development Tips

If you are one of those who just started application development then we are here to give you some of best application development tips :

  1. Make Data Distribution Real Time

Every application user needs their app to be up to date the information given in the application, especially when the application is about booking tickets for various transportation methods it needs to have the correct details.

2. Make Your Application Responsive

This is one thing which has to be there for your application, as there are various mobile devices through which a user will access your application so it has to be optimized for every mobile device.

3. Cross Platform Accessibility

This is one thing for which you should try hard to learn and apply in your work as you don’t know what your client will ask from you in near future so make sure that you will be prepared for what is coming next at you.

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Why You Should Never Do BlackHat SEO

There was a reason people did Blackhat SEO and that was to get better results fast and most of them never got caught by Google algorithms in previous times, but as the time is passing by Google is developing and some of the SEO’s are still relying on BlackHat SEO techniques to get fast backlinks and gain high rankings fast too that may help you for a shorter but let me tell you there is a thing Google is now working now and that is Google’s AI called Rank Brain which has been functioning continuously and will be carrying on the work that was done Google algo’s  each year. It will detect suspicious activities done, and will permanently remove them from results and those activities will never help you again.

So while starting SEO you should know that you contact a SEO agency that has been following only WhiteHat Methods to get you best results and if you are searching for a good SEO company in India, then you should contact Flymedia Technology. We will sharing tutorials on how to do better SEO so stay tuned for more.

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Well designed website with expertly crafted SEO could do magic for the success of your business or company. So here are few tips that can make your website to give outstanding performance


If you are seeking for the excellent look and great SEO ranking design for your website then it is important to hire the web designing company that understand and deliver the both. So it is quite important to hire only the specialists for the same.

Hiring the right and efficient web designers is of paramount important step for increasing your visibility on web.


Search engine optimization is more important the how your website like look and give feel to the visitors as the users like to click the higher ranking websites on the search engine page. It is quite important to keep the search engine in the top while thinking about the effective design of the website


It is good to remain on the driver seat throughout the development of your site as it could give you information that what are your expectations and requirement and what developers are providing to you?  It is not good to have blind faith in the experts whereas it is time to get indulge in the development process and ask the experts how they are working and what are their strategies and plans for development and even what are their back up plans.

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How to use the Classifieds Sites?

Classifieds you can say one of the best off page technique to get the more traffic to your website. All the SEO’s persons known about the classifieds ads and uses daily for their website. But did you know that which classifieds site is good for your business or which is bad. I think most of you didn’t known about this. So let’s discuss about the classifieds sites.

Firstly we should know about what is classified site? Classifieds sites are mainly introducing for those people who have small budget and want to sell their products online. It’s similar like the newspapers classifieds but it’s more cheaply if we comparing to the newspapers classifieds. Most of the classifieds sites are free and they offer the post free your product, service or many things for free of cost. Its helps to improve the conversation rates or ranking on search results. Now discuss about how to use the classifieds sites. Here are the some steps:

Use the country target classifieds sites. Ex. If you have United States based website and provide the service only in United States then uses the only US based classifieds sites. If you use other countries classifieds then it bad for your business and also Google will take as negative SEO.

Add you classified ad into the proper category to attract the right audience.

Don’t use one classified site in a day.

Mark the sold icon when your item has been sold.

Use the fresh and unique content in your every submission if you want to rank better in search results.

Uses the shorten links in the classifieds sites.

Don’t post the wrong pictures.

Makes the impressive title of your classified ad.

Use the shorten or relevant description instead for using the long description.

Adding the proper contact information in the classified site.

These are the main tricks to use the classifieds sites. If you follow these tips then you’re site rank better on the search results and also you can get the more traffic.

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