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Avoid these silly mistakes in Website Designing

A website is a gateway to the heart of the business. However small the business may be, the website plays an important role in marketing the business and accumulating visitors who may end up becoming customers. There are many websites today since Ecommerce is taking a lead and also, the internet is one of the simplest ways the public acquires information

A business owner should know that his or her website can acquire 80% views in a week when the website is aesthetically presented to the public. So here is what the website designers and the business owner must avoid;

  1. Fooling viewers

Most website designers manipulate viewers by inserting content and information that is untrue. For the sake of the business, a website designer must not only rely on his judgment, but also on the business owner. Customers are easily turned away once they realize they are duped

  1. Duplication

Unique and fascinating websites are a real deal. Avoid using a layout similar to your competitor. Always form something new and raise the bar of your web designing company

  1. Images and Content

Insert attractive images where necessary and try to utilize the space on a page. Avoid leaving blank spaces since it indicates unprofessionalism and may fail to attract more visitors. Embed correctly written content in any language describing thoroughly and driving the point clearly

  1. How competent is your SEO team?

The team may have the skills, but need fuel every now and then. Try to talk to the SEO team because their work is vital for the website to acquire a good ranking. Fly Media Technology is the only competent web designing company in India for rewarding websites.


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Crucial Ideas Behind Creating an Attractive Website

Web development is a crucial step to take up, especially for the business because it is an intermediary between the businessman and the public. Giving the job of website development or designing in the wrong hands can incur you more costs and pain that can’t be realized in the shortest time possible. The fact is that finding a good company to develop and design a perfect website for you may be hard. The right web designing company takes note of the various websites on the internet and will create one that is better than all of them and that is why a creative staff is required for web development in Punjab.



A good web development company never runs out of new ideas to create something unique. A new website must be prominent over all the existing websites and at the same time achieve its aim.

The layout of the website

A website must be organized and the content or slides must follow from the first step on the last one. Avoid overloading the website because it will always confuse readers and chase them away

It’s not about the money

Web development is expensive and one of the leading activities in marketing. Even so, a good web development company must not charge high or low to suffer at the end

The relationship between a web development company and the businessman

First and foremost the web development company must know every detail about the client they are working on. Always drive forward the right information that is at the same time interesting to the readers.

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How to website design in Ludhiana with affordable cost

3d illustration of cranes building website sign, over white background

If you are searching for web designing company in Ludhiana then Fly media technology one of the best web designing and development there you can provide all type of design at an affordable price. We are using various advanced techniques to website design. Our company provides creative web design services in Ludhiana. Our creative web designers are specializing in logo designing, graphic designing, and banner designing. Fly Media Technology, website Designing, website development, updating the website, web hosting, website promotion and SEO benefits in Ludhiana with a group of expert website designers an expert website designing company.

In addition to web design and development we provide web hosting and Internet marketing.

Web hosting

  • Economic web hosting
  • Website hosting
  • Domain registration
  • Reliable web hosting,
  • Cheap web hosting,
  • Economy web hosting

Internet marketing

  • Banner Advertising
  • Viral Marketing
  • SEO, Affiliate Programs
  • Rich Media
  • Directory Listing
  • Link Exchange
  • Automated Email Solutions
  • Newsletters

Our all services are very affordable prices. Anyone Know more information then please visit our website.

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Things in mind when developing Ecommerce website

Ecommerce is the new buzz in the Indian business Industry. Since the time that the idea of web business sector has blasted, more individuals are experimenting with to move their business over the web and this is the place Ecommerce Web Development Company appears to outfit the requirements of such advertisers. On the off chance that you are additionally diving into the ecommerce then here are a couple patterns that you should know about and ought to ask your Web improvement organization Ludhiana to actualize on your task.

Landing page Development

Whether you trust it or not but rather landing page assumes a key part for the site, managing into any business. Furthermore, with regards to ecommerce, it’s a beat of general undertaking. So why not consider it as the ‘Landing page Shop’ and change it to expand the capability of offers. From format to shading and substance, everything ought to be of top class quality. The organization of the landing page ought to be deals driven. The page ought to be planned with a considerable measure of visuals and reference material to give guests a useful initial introduction. A large portion of the data costumers are looking ought to be on first page.

Simple Navigation

In the event that you have heap of items on your site, at some point it gets hard to oversee. So it’s ideal to separate the classification and putting top items on need premise. The route ought to be fine and simple with the goal that customers can without much of a stretch find what they are scanning out for. So your web advancement organization must be centered around these elements.

Growing Navigation

On the off chance that it’s difficult to flip up with the route then growing them to little pieces will truly bode well and will be more suitable for the buyers floating at the sites. Everything ought to be in a brisk and compact way. For the vast header route joins, utilizing dropdown menus will work a ton that could be seen exceedingly in pattern.

Making a dynamic item data

At some point it’s extremely perplexing deal with the individual item pages and adapting up to the components, for example, value, amount, item photographs, audits, hues or sizes for dress, and different other comparative qualities. So it is awesome to make the dynamic item pages that fit all the data. Your Ludhiana Ecommerce Development Company must know about these strategies and ought to know how to make dynamic pages.

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What is professional web design? How to become professional web designer?

Do you know that what is professional web design? How to make a website professional?

Web design plays a key role in fascinating the user engagement. If a website do not looks good then there are chances of returning users more in number. So there is need to build professional website. A professional web designer knows that according to the theme of a website which template will suit. I think web designer not only design a site, he/she also designs the identity of business in the online market.

To become professional web designer you have to take care of these given things which are given below. I would like share some major components for creating a professional website:

  • Professional website should not contain any ads, pop-ups, icons, badges and so on which makes the website heavy and sue to this while opening a website it creates a loading time problem.
  • Content should be engaging and have meaning which attracts the user interest.
  • Create responsive web design which is mobile friendly. Users are active on the internet through smart phones or mobile. So if you are designing professional website then you should also take care of your website that how it is looking in mobile phone.
  • If the webpage is long scrolling page then use arrow icons which points to a message. Like that you are reading something in page and it is too long and in between reading you want to switch to the about section to read about that website, than is you have used the arrow icons then it is good user experience. You simply click on the arrow and that icon will redirect to the starting of the page where you can find the menus which contain about the business, services and contact us section.
  • Visual hierarchy should be there in website which influenced the more users and played a key role in making revenue. For instance you have written SIGN UP NOW in button. You want to attract the users attention that they click on it and follow register process. It means arrange and organize the elements in that way which implies some importance and gain user interest. Try to put your important engaging content in coveted spaces.
  • Use fonts which suit your site theme and should be readable for user. So avoid uber-tiny font size.

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