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Importance Of Website For Your Business

Today we are going to discuss about how much positive impact having a website has on your business. Here are some :

1. Reach More Users Through Internet presence at a lesser cost than usual marketing methods.

2. With A neat and clean website that is providing enough information about what you are offering to users, you can gain a greater exposure to global viewers.

3. Worldwide exposure leads you to gather a variety of customers that you can research on and have them review your product or service and learn what you can change in.

4. Without carrying more expenses you can promote your business through your website using SEO.

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Some Application Development Tips

If you are one of those who just started application development then we are here to give you some of best application development tips :

  1. Make Data Distribution Real Time

Every application user needs their app to be up to date the information given in the application, especially when the application is about booking tickets for various transportation methods it needs to have the correct details.

2. Make Your Application Responsive

This is one thing which has to be there for your application, as there are various mobile devices through which a user will access your application so it has to be optimized for every mobile device.

3. Cross Platform Accessibility

This is one thing for which you should try hard to learn and apply in your work as you don’t know what your client will ask from you in near future so make sure that you will be prepared for what is coming next at you.

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Well designed website with expertly crafted SEO could do magic for the success of your business or company. So here are few tips that can make your website to give outstanding performance


If you are seeking for the excellent look and great SEO ranking design for your website then it is important to hire the web designing company that understand and deliver the both. So it is quite important to hire only the specialists for the same.

Hiring the right and efficient web designers is of paramount important step for increasing your visibility on web.


Search engine optimization is more important the how your website like look and give feel to the visitors as the users like to click the higher ranking websites on the search engine page. It is quite important to keep the search engine in the top while thinking about the effective design of the website


It is good to remain on the driver seat throughout the development of your site as it could give you information that what are your expectations and requirement and what developers are providing to you?  It is not good to have blind faith in the experts whereas it is time to get indulge in the development process and ask the experts how they are working and what are their strategies and plans for development and even what are their back up plans.

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How to use the Classifieds Sites?

Classifieds you can say one of the best off page technique to get the more traffic to your website. All the SEO’s persons known about the classifieds ads and uses daily for their website. But did you know that which classifieds site is good for your business or which is bad. I think most of you didn’t known about this. So let’s discuss about the classifieds sites.

Firstly we should know about what is classified site? Classifieds sites are mainly introducing for those people who have small budget and want to sell their products online. It’s similar like the newspapers classifieds but it’s more cheaply if we comparing to the newspapers classifieds. Most of the classifieds sites are free and they offer the post free your product, service or many things for free of cost. Its helps to improve the conversation rates or ranking on search results. Now discuss about how to use the classifieds sites. Here are the some steps:

Use the country target classifieds sites. Ex. If you have United States based website and provide the service only in United States then uses the only US based classifieds sites. If you use other countries classifieds then it bad for your business and also Google will take as negative SEO.

Add you classified ad into the proper category to attract the right audience.

Don’t use one classified site in a day.

Mark the sold icon when your item has been sold.

Use the fresh and unique content in your every submission if you want to rank better in search results.

Uses the shorten links in the classifieds sites.

Don’t post the wrong pictures.

Makes the impressive title of your classified ad.

Use the shorten or relevant description instead for using the long description.

Adding the proper contact information in the classified site.

These are the main tricks to use the classifieds sites. If you follow these tips then you’re site rank better on the search results and also you can get the more traffic.

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Web Site Development

The golden age of big business is over. Now that they are no longer bursting their value chains with profit, but digital start-ups coming from nowhere who devour their margins. Quite a challenge.

Panic? Probably not, or not yet. But a strange wind blowing through the world’s largest companies, symbols of capitalism and globalization. BMW boss Harald Krüger, collapses open car show in Frankfurt. Another German, Gerhard Cromme, explained last May that he did not know where his group would be in five years. Yet he chairs the Siemens supervisory board, a champion high tech founded back nearly two centuries. Japan, the United States, France, multinationals who appeared there for eternity are attacked by competitors came from nowhere. With the digital revolution, the economic power base changes.

Little background. In the past three decades, large companies have experienced a golden age. According to calculations by the McKinsey consulting firm, American and European giants have advanced their profits faster than one third of world production. They took advantage of a wave of deregulation. And most successfully surfed two waves. The first came from the opening of the communist world in the 1980s Huge markets opened. And according to Professor Richard Freeman of Harvard, the global workforce then doubled from 1.5 billion to 3 billion. Employers were able to open factories with workers paid a pittance. Well equipped, already accustomed to international, large groups have reorganized their production circuits, relocating operations to lower costs, forging “global value chains”. The Apple iPhone symbolizes this fragmentation, with a design and marketing made in the USA, in China and an assembly of components from Japan, Germany, Korea.

The second wave has strengthened the first: it is the rise of internet from 1990s Information flows both quickly, massively and free or almost. Companies can instantly transmit construction drawings, purchase orders, repair instructions. Advances in information technology have facilitated the globalization of value chains, and often permitted.

Exchanges “intra-company” made within the same firm, are now half of global trade! But this trade is now down. Exports now progressing at the same pace as production, as they were twice as fast as before the crisis. Now companies have excellent reasons not to burst joyously as their value chains. They have already picked the low-hanging fruit. They discovered the fragility caused by the lengthening of the value chain, for example with supply disruptions caused by the tsunami in Japan in 2011. And they have to pay higher wages. According to calculations the firm BCG, the cost of production in China’s Yangtze River Delta is not very different from the cost in the southern United States.

Value chains are far from being fixed. Except that now it is no longer large companies that lead the game but start-ups that did not exist for most a decade ago. If the venerable giants had granted to subcontractors minors of their business links, like cleaning their offices or managing their accounts, young whippersnappers aim instead the most profitable links. The purest example is probably, a start that sprouted in the Netherlands before being rounded up by American Priceline. This accommodation booking site is embedded in the heart of the value chain of major hotel chains such as Accor or Hilton, bought in the rank of bedrooms providers. He eats their margins. In another sector, the bank start-ups go to the assault of payment, loans to SMEs, the fund management.

The leaders of major groups have long ignored the young shoots, they trampled without even realizing it. They are likely to have changed, now aware that digital power can break the most beautiful fortresses in a few clicks. So, what is the rush. The giant monitor the tiniest micro-enterprise founded deep in Arkansas or Yunnan like milk on the fire. They buy startups hoping to recover their knowledge and insights. They create incubators, lab fab – sorry, the “digital manufacturing workshops.”

McKinsey experts summed up the challenge: “Companies need to want to shake [” disrupt “in English] before others do so.” Not easy ! Required to maintain high profitability by their shareholders, obsessed with control, large companies work with lists of procedures and indicators able to nip in the bud any innovation a bit radical. And have trouble imagining the very different value chains, for example with links … free. Engoncées in their silos, they no longer know how to attract and retain the raw material of their future: young talents. Students are more likely to make the entrepreneurial leap out of business schools. Banks are struggling to recruit polytechniciens they did come from a snap ten years ago. In the survey published earlier this year by the audit firm PwC, the main risk cited by 77% of the 1,300 CEOs from 77 countries was the “availability of key skills,” just after overregulation eternal. It would be excessive compared with the multinational Soviet Union. They have an unknown effectiveness of communist regimes. But like the USSR of the 1970s, they will have to face a great challenge in the coming years. Indeed, consumers are still buying more online, with 57 billion euros spent on the internet in 2014, a figure growth of around 11%, with an increase of transactions reaches 15%.

However, the pure players must satisfy the impatience of users who do not want to wait for their products, even though they would have paid less than retail.

Meanwhile, develops a safety-related problem. Indeed, the datas are the new black gold trade, interest and hackers, as well as data from bank cards. But if e-merchant is stolen data, customer confidence is broken, with a strong impact on sales. It should thus deploy barriers to limit fraud without brake purchasing pulses. A delicate exercise.

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Website Development Promotion

To manage and respond to the success of the game that they generated, Transformice authors create the “801 Workshop” in October 2011.  Flymedia Technology

Invested in the project and motivated by this unexpected success they decided to unite with the French studio “Cross River Productions” specializing in animated series and “Believe Digital Studio ‘first European player in digital distribution, to co-produce an animated series.

Because, at heart Transformice mouse germ of the idea a little crazy to develop global operator license in the web series as a marketing medium.
A Franco-innovative adventure

It is a still unpublished production experience in France because it is based on the intervention of a Multi Channel Network (Believe Digital Studio and child YourkidTV chain) and not on the dissemination of a conventional chain.

A real challenge supported by the CNC (National Center of Cinematography and the moving image) for this 100% French production, both in its funding in its manufacture.

An artistic adventure, exciting and innovative technical and human in many ways.

Now the web series Transformice appears everywhere and in all its forms, no one can escape it, even the “gamers” most addicts can not miss … in the waiting room of the game!

The production of the series is in 3D for more creative freedom, but the final report is 2D to better stick to the universe of the game.
A thought series with new tools to develop a collaborative and coherent way of production in the economy of the web.
Open source manufacturing processes as Blender that require recurrent training and adaptation of the teams.
An achievement to “lean production” with the first put online on August 28 followed by a new episode each Friday.
“Atelier 801” business model & fairytale live

She is a graphic designer and concept designer, it’s developer.

Melanie Christin and Jean Baptiste Lemarchand met Ankama. On their free time, they create a video game for fun and post on a forum in May 2010.

The Transformice game where the player incarnates a little mouse, was an immediate popular success and spontaneously attracted English-speaking fans. Translated into English, and Portuguese to better serve the Brazilian community is an explosive international box with more than 6 million accounts created in the world in just 18 months.
An economic model adapted to the “Mouse success”

Faced with this smash hit Melanie and Jean Baptiste decided to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure and create the Atelier 801 in October 2011.

Part of a free game without economic model, the company acquires in 3 years with a turnover of € 1M annually.
Through advertising and an optional micro payments system that guarantees free game and therefore its sustainability, it says 900k € turnover in 2014.
The workshop employs 12 801 people. Its objectives: creating innovative video games, but also and especially the enhancement of the community very involved players that generate a real social network with more than 1.6 million fans on Facebook Transformice established in 2010 and 2.7 million messages on forums … in more than 29 languages!
L’Atelier 801 received the “Born Global” Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 for the Northern region.

A true “phenomenon of international company” ignored in the hexagon

After only two years of existence the word Transformice was already the seventh most searched term on Google in Brazil.

An unusual achievement that involves emerging countries due to its accessibility and deftly bypasses the saturation of the video game market in France.

It remains surprising that a genuine demonstration of French creativity is internationally recognized in his own country than 3.22% of the players.

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Web Site Development company

Travel will be expected by customers.

Our client is a software company.

Graduate (e) a computer license, you have at least 4 years of experience in software development and software design. You justify a good knowledge of web and desktop applications frameworks. Been to Java, AJAX, .NET, JavaScript, HTML5 and / or development of WPF applications. You control the network topology, analysis of links, modeling and diagrams based applications or processes, dependencies and flows. You have evolved from software companies, enterprises and government agencies.

Your ability to organize and conduct technical meetings, your ability to work effectively in a dynamic environment and your great sense of detail will be assets to succeed in this position. You show excellent oral and written communication capabilities, interpersonal skills and an energetic attitude, enthusiastic and positive travail.Pour small mice born 5 years ago of the imagination and expertise of two young French is a sacred cardboard!

“With 11.3 million visits per month worldwide, including 500,000 in France, the free online game Transformice is now the global blockbuster most representative of the French cultural exception.
The birth of a blockbuster

Established in 2010, Transformice, it is primarily a indie game, available on all browsers, portals and online games on the site Transformice.
This is a simple multiplayer game and very easily accessible by design in Flash.
Some numbers

2.5 million active players
1 million download on Steam
64 million registered
Game translated into 29 languages
1.6 million fans on Facebook

With a transgenerational graphics and little mice and wacky world of kawaii, Transformice meets all tastes.

It’s also a huge success unexpected spontaneously increasingly international, starting with emerging countries such as Brazil, which represents 32.38% of hardcore fans.
Now recognized as a true “phenomenon of international society” mice stars Transformice decide to display more on the canvas through a collaborative and innovative web series.
A web-serie “transmedia” and universally crazy

Gently transgressive and resolutely cartoon, built in compliance with the rules of the absurd, the web-series of 52 episodes, features the main heroes of the game: Banzai, Blue, Brutus, Fatale, Red, Trix, and their friends.

A scenario that highlights the sometimes dramatic consequences of absolute passion for cheese.
A unit of time and place: 1’30 minutes in the kitchen.
In silent Format (international broadcasting requires) all episodes, however, are lined by a specialized actor in the “mouse language”.
A highly anticipated series with 300,000 unique visits in 48 hours to launch the trailer.

3d illustration of cranes building website sign, over white background

3d illustration of cranes building website sign, over white background

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