Avoid these silly mistakes in Website Designing

A website is a gateway to the heart of the business. However small the business may be, the website plays an important role in marketing the business and accumulating visitors who may end up becoming customers. There are many websites today since Ecommerce is taking a lead and also, the internet is one of the simplest ways the public acquires information

A business owner should know that his or her website can acquire 80% views in a week when the website is aesthetically presented to the public. So here is what the website designers and the business owner must avoid;

  1. Fooling viewers

Most website designers manipulate viewers by inserting content and information that is untrue. For the sake of the business, a website designer must not only rely on his judgment, but also on the business owner. Customers are easily turned away once they realize they are duped

  1. Duplication

Unique and fascinating websites are a real deal. Avoid using a layout similar to your competitor. Always form something new and raise the bar of your web designing company

  1. Images and Content

Insert attractive images where necessary and try to utilize the space on a page. Avoid leaving blank spaces since it indicates unprofessionalism and may fail to attract more visitors. Embed correctly written content in any language describing thoroughly and driving the point clearly

  1. How competent is your SEO team?

The team may have the skills, but need fuel every now and then. Try to talk to the SEO team because their work is vital for the website to acquire a good ranking. Fly Media Technology is the only competent web designing company in India for rewarding websites.


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