Web-based softwares – Types & Benefits


Web Based Software is the new technology nowadays. Web-based software is also known as the web based applications. It is the software that’s run on the server. In this Web Based Software user are connected their own computer with the help of internet.  Mostly people use the various software as per their requirements. There are many web bases software that you can use regularly such as yahoo mail, twitter, Facebook, hotline, Gmail etc these all are popular and widely used web-based software. You can download any software through internet


Basically, there are two types of web-based software first is hosted software and second is downloaded software.

Hosted software

Hosted software is the first important type of web-based software. This software is made on the client’s demand or requirement. These services are available as both free and paid.  If anyone wants to use this service, firstly you have to register online.

Downloaded software

Another option is downloading. You can easily install or download software on your own server. This is the very cost effective procedure.


Use the latest version

If you want to require any software then you can download and install yourself. Whenever you use the web-based software you’re always using the latest version with the help of the web. You can use various latest versions and get the more information about the latest web-based software.

Save money and easy maintain

Money plays an important role in any work. The web-based software requires no capital investment to buy any kind of software and you do not need to buy any kind of CD and programs that are why web-based software is more popular in the market.

Web-based software improves communication and coordination

Web-based software is very helpful to improve then communication and coordinate with another persons or clients. It can provide the huge chance to work with in any location at any time as well and provide the great opportunity to earn more money at very less time. So overall web-based software in India plays an important role in the technology world.


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